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Cast Glass Leaves

As a child, I loved looking through foliage at the filtering of light and the changing colors. 

I also loved colored glass. We had a brick fence around our yard and I would line up colored

bottles and bowls on the wall and watch as the sunlight hit the array of shapes and colors. As an adult, I have created this experience in cast glass.  I have come full circle as I find myself walking along the beautiful French Broad River, picking leaves. Now I take those leaves and turn them into a kaleidoscope of colors in sculptural glass.

My current study, "Hearts of the Appalachians"  is a series of leaves, all heart shaped and all picked in the gorgeous Blue Ridge and  Smoky Mountains. Each leaf is chosen for its individual characteristics. Then through a multi-step process using molds and kiln firing, the leaf and glass are often heated to as much as 1500 degrees.  I have even been known to open the kiln, reach in, and manipulate the glass while at high temperatures.  Each glass piece then emerges in uniqueness of coloration and shape.

A variety of leaves in size and style are available, ranging from 8" to 24" and in a multitude of color combinations. 


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